NLP Data extraction tools as a military weapon

Dec 22, 2022

Nowadays, Data has taken over the military and warfare sectors because whoever has accurate information at the right time has an advantage in operations and strategic moves.

In this article, we will talk about the importance of Data during wars and the benefits of custom Natural Language Processing models in Military data extraction and decision making.

I.Data importance during Wars

NLP Data extraction tools as a military weapon

Throughout history, the domination over information has always been at the core of military operations. It allowed commanders to make informed decisions about troop movements, battle strategies, tracking progress of operations and identifying areas where additional support is needed.

However, technological advancements have dramatically altered how fast and easy information gets collected, stored, analyzed, and extracted.

That’s why the military sector has turned to natural language processing, machine learning, and AI-powered data extraction tools to ensure that they get the most accurate insights from their data and, as a result, achieve information superiority in a conflict.

II.Customizable NLP models in Military Decisions Making

NLP Data extraction tools as a military weapon

Military leaders rely heavily on natural language processing and artificial intelligence (AI) to transform data into potential solutions to meet mission objectives.

These missions are typically carried out by highly trained data science professionals capable of developing sophisticated custom machine learning and Natural Language Processing models in order to produce perplexing solutions to perplexing problems.

These models are usually customisable ones that are trained to give more accurate and precise results than the simple NLP solutions used by businesses with basic Data extraction needs.

However, since most military leaders do not have a large number of data scientists or machine learning engineers on their teams, they need tools that are easy to use and produce credible results.

That’s why, when attempting to solve complex situations without the help of data scientists or developers (such as fine-tuning a specific model to extract national security-related data), it is strongly advised to use Data training platforms that provide Custom-made Natural Language Processing models.

There’s always the possibility of using genetic pre-trained models, but they are frequently trained on general-purpose data sources, so they are not typically tailored to specific military and warfare data needs.

III.Benefits of Custom NLP models in the Military sector

NLP Data extraction tools as a military weapon

Using Customizable NLP models has numerous benefits in the military sector, including:

  • Custom trained models can understand what various types of data in different contexts actually represent, including : enemy textual data sources, smartphone messages, emails, national defense-related documents.
  • They can be built using “no code” data training platforms and tools without the assistance of data scientists.
  • They can deliver the highest level of accuracy while preventing errors, allowing military leaders to save money, time, and resources on data classification and extraction.

IV.NLP use cases in the military sector

NLP Data extraction tools as a military weapon

1.Data extraction & Analysis from Crimes Reports


Data extraction with OCR annotation tools is used to find meaningful information in unstructured text automatically.

One potential application can improve transparency and accuracy in war crimes reporting. During times of crisis, reports are frequently written in haste.

Also, due to fears or traumas, crime witnesses’ and victims’ testimonies may be incomplete.

That’s where NLP technology comes in, parsing through witness and government reports as well as related news articles to identify critical elements such as weapons, cars, dates, attires, and locations with pinpoint accuracy.

2.Relationship identification between war related events


This technology aids in the establishment of relationships between entities.

For example, if a document contains information about the enemy’s locations, plans, or movements, relationship extraction identifies and creates a logical relationship between them.

3.Extracting, classifying and labeling relevant names, places, etc


This method can extract the names of relevant people, places, and missions.

Then sort them into predefined labels.

A single text may contain references to a specific entity with multiple meanings.

With the help of entity resolution, The context can be understood and the entity can be resolved to the correct category.

This technology can assist military leaders in identifying cybercrime threats and avoiding making incorrect decisions based on misunderstood contexts


NLP Data extraction tools as a military weapon

The military sector is overflowing with data, necessitating the subjective interpretations of competent analysts, professional data scientists, and reliable efficient data extraction tools.

One of these tools is the UBIAI data training platform, which offers NLP solutions such as customizable models and OCR annotation to assist governments in uncovering critical information and evidence from massive amounts of critical data.