Annotation Tool with OCR Parsing

High Accuracy OCR Annotation

OCR or Optical Character Recognition refers to computer vision problems that require digital or hand-written text images to be converted to machine-readable text. 


This form of machine-readable text can be processed, stored, edited, and used to train machine learning models.

To annotate text from digital and hand-written images in a perfect layout, there needs to be a text annotation tool with an OCR feature. 



Combining computer vision techniques and natural language processing, the OCR feature of UBIAI allows classification annotation, relation extraction, and NER directly on native scanned images, pictures, and native PDFs.

PDF Annotation Tool with OCR Parsing​

How Does UBIAI’s OCR Annotation Works?

On the left panel, you will see the parsed text, and on the right panel, you will see the original image. 

UBIAI’s tool offers annotation on both panels. The right panel having the original image gives guidance regarding the document layout.The left panel also allows annotation of relations. With that, it also helps in relation extraction, NER, and classification annotation.


One of the most significant advantages of UBIAI’s text annotation tool is that it allows rule-based matching, model auto-annotations, and dictionary annotations, even for OCR documents.

PDF Annotation Tool with OCR Parsing​

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If you’re looking for a tagging platform on NLP projects, UBIAI probably has all the features you need. lt supports many document types and multiple OCR engines. It’s super simple and powerful.
annotation tool review

Ihsan S.

Machine Learning Engineer

It is very easy to work with. A couple of things that draw me to UBIAI are that it could accept data in a LOT of formats (even including PDFs!).

Jetson W.

Data Architect

I love this product as this provides amazing support for document classification and named entity recognition. The NLP tasks UI is very intuitively embedded into this product and it is really easy to use.

Jasmeet K.

Data Scientist