Multi-lingual Annotation

What is Multilingual Text Annotation? Why is it Essential for Businesses?

From music recommendations to voice search, machine learning has immense benefits in everyday life. 

But, for machine learning models to get ready to perform, they need to be trained with large amounts of data. 

And that’s when data and text annotation comes in.

Now, given the fact that we live in an interconnected world where people speak multiple languages, it makes sense to incorporate multilingualism in your AI and machine learning models. 

And, this incorporation requires multilingual data annotation.

Multi Lingual Annotation Feature

How UBIAI’s Text Annotation Tool Can Help?

UBIAI supports text annotations in multiple languages such as French, English, Arabic, etc. 


You can perform relation extraction, document classification and named entity recognition in any language. 


In addition, you can train machine learning models in multiple languages to help you auto-annotate your data thus significantly reducing the manual annotation process.


With its high-quality features, your business can leverage the benefits of text annotation, data labeling, and tagging activities in multiple languages.

Multi Lingual Annotation Feature

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If you’re looking for a tagging platform on NLP projects, UBIAI probably has all the features you need. lt supports many document types and multiple OCR engines. It’s super simple and powerful.

Ihsan S.

Machine Learning Engineer

It is very easy to work with. A couple of things that draw me to UBIAI are that it could accept data in a LOT of formats (even including PDFs!).

Jetson W.

Data Architect

I love this product as this provides amazing support for document classification and named entity recognition. The NLP tasks UI is very intuitively embedded into this product and it is really easy to use.

Jasmeet K.

Data Scientist