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Text Labeling Made Simple

Harness the Power of UBIAI’s Labeling Platform for Effortless Data Labeling, Training, and Model Deployment!

Empowering companies big and small
Empowering companies big and small

Simplify Your NLP Project with AI-Powered Labeling

Swiftly Label Data, Expedite Training, and Effortlessly Deploy Your Custom NLP Model!

comprehensive Annotation tool

Annotate any type of documents whether its PDF, images or text.

Extract text from images with unparalleled accuracy. Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology ensures that no detail goes unnoticed, making data extraction a breeze.

“Unlike most other text annotation tools, UBIAI enables to annotate native and scanned PDF thanks to their OCR, and the coordinates of the bounding boxes for each word are available (which could be useful). 

Moreover, the User Interface is good, UBIAI is very attentive to user feedback and needs, and there is a discount for students/researchers. For a startup that was recently created, I think they have potential!”

Célia D.
PhD in Artificial Intelligence
Easy-to-use annotation tool

Tackling annotation complexity with ease

Most of labeling tools today break when annotating complex data. We built UBIAI to attack this problem!

Label entities, relation and document classification on any type of documents.


Relation Extraction

Document Classification

Fast-track your annotations

Auto-label all your data in a click using LLM

UbiAI’s autonomous labeling takes simplicity to the next level. Experience the synergy of cutting-edge AI as it learns from your inputs, gradually reducing your effort while maintaining the highest quality labels.

The tool has a great, intuitive way of using it. Apart form the great handling it offers great extras like model fitting or auto annotation, regex annotation etc. I can highly recommend it. Also, the customer service is tremendously great.

Isabella Hizniye B.
Senior Data Scientist
Train state-of-the-art Deep Learning Models on your annotations​

Fine-tune Deep Learning Models on your own data

Training your machine learning models can be a time-consuming process. With UBIAI, you can train state-of-the-art deep learning models on your annotated dataset with few clicks and save up to 80% of annotation time.




UBIAI Data Training Platform providing the best NLP tools
Best annotation tool for teams

Collaborate effortlessly with your team

UbiAI’s team management feature lets you coordinate labeling efforts, ensuring a harmonious workflow that maximizes efficiency.

Team collaboration

Annotate in any language whether its in text, image or PDF format

Annotate in multiple languages including Hebrew, Japanese, Arabic, Hindi, etc. within a single document in handwritten, scanned or digital formats.

UBIAI Data Training Platform providing the best NLP tools

Works everywhere in every industry

Whether you need to analyze medical records or financial documents, UBIAI can help streamline your data annotation and training process.

Financial Industry

Semantic Analysis to Detect Fake Claims & Frauds

Text Classification to Detect Duplicate Claims &  Repair Costs

Healthcare Industry

Shorten Diagnosis and Treatment Times

High-quality Visualization for Healthcare Machine Learning

Legal Industry

Semantic Search for Legal Industries


Semantic Analysis to Detect Fake Claims & Frauds

Technology Industry

Training Chatbots and Virtual Assistants


Train Hi-Tech NLP Models


Our users Speak for Us

We keep shining all over! Named High Performer for two season on a row!

If you’re looking for a tagging platform on NLP projects, UBIAI probably has all the features you need. lt supports many document types and multiple OCR engines. It’s super simple and powerful.
Ihsan S.
Machine Learning Engineer
It is very easy to work with. A couple of things that draw me to UBIAI are that it could accept data in a LOT of formats (even including PDFs!).
Jetson W.
Data Architect
I love this product as this provides amazing support for document classification and named entity recognition. The NLP tasks UI is very intuitively embedded into this product and it is really easy to use.
Jasmeet K.
Data Scientist
I can say it is a data scientist tool, many technologies which data analyst uses can access using UBIAI for eg, it process the scanned documents and avoid typing file and can save time, it is good for API for predictions and export formats
Pradeep N.
Senior Data Analyst
The tool has a great, intuitive way of using it. Apart form the great handling it offers great extras like model fitting or auto annotation, regex annotation etc. I can highly recommend it. Also, the customer service is tremendously great.
Isabella Hizniye B.
Senior Data Scientist
While most of the annotation tools are either multi-use (not explicitly designed for NLP) or terrible interface, UBIAI has everything any data scientist would love it!
Fernando J.
Something for everyone

Find a plan that fits your business best


1 user


No Collaboration & Analytics


Unlimited Annotations


500 OCR document uploads


1k Non-OCR document uploads




Up to 5 users

Collaboration & Analytics


Unlimited Annotations

1k OCR document uploads

10k Non-OCR document uploads



Team Pro

Up to 10 users


Model Assisted Labeling

Shared Account

Table Extraction

10k document uploads

40k Non-OCR document uploads




Unlimited users


Model Assisted Labeling


Shared Account


Table Extraction


Unlimited documents upload

Per Quote

Take full ownership of our solution

On Premise Package

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No, your documents will be fully encrypted during upload and no one will have access to their content.
Yes, our online annotation tool is hosted on a fully secure SOC2 compliant AWS cloud servers. Data retention is secured by taking daily snapshots of the database so no data is lost in the event of server crash.
Your data is your property, we do not have access to it and cannot be used for any purpose.

Yes, we offer a significant discount to researchers and students. Just send us an email with your research abstract and we will apply a discount.

UBIAI offers a free access with limited functionalities to experiment without any payment required. Anytime during or after the trial, you have the option to upgrade to any of our packages.

Yes, UBIAI is one of the few annotation tools that provide the option to pay for what you use without any additional cost.

Yes, UBIAI supports over 20 languages including French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, etc… for OCR and non-OCR documents.

Yes, UBIAI supports annotation import by uploading a JSON or IOB format that contains the text and labels.

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