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UBIAI is a California based startup that provides cloud-based solutions and services in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to help users extract actionable insights from unstructured documents .

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Our Mission

With over a thousand of petabytes of messages and articles exchanged over the internet, it is becoming incessantly clear that analyzing this huge amount of data and extracting actionable information is of paramount importance. At UBIAI, our mission is to make easy-to-use NLP tools to help developers and companies try out machine learning ideas quickly and apply them to real world problems without wasting time in coding.
We believe that providing accessible and low cost tools will democratize NLP across the globe and allow for better and intelligent decision making.

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We are constantly looking for beta testers to help us test new functionalities and debug issues. We are offering 3 months free-of-charge for all beta testers. If you are interested please contact us!

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If you’re looking for a tagging platform on NLP projects, UBIAI probably has all the features you need. lt supports many document types and multiple OCR engines. It’s super simple and powerful.
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Ihsan S.

Machine Learning Engineer

It is very easy to work with. A couple of things that draw me to UBIAI are that it could accept data in a LOT of formats (even including PDFs!).

Jetson W.

Data Architect

I love this product as this provides amazing support for document classification and named entity recognition. The NLP tasks UI is very intuitively embedded into this product and it is really easy to use.

Jasmeet K.

Data Scientist